Thursday, April 23, 2009

太太.at Shangri-La Opening Gala : VCR

Shangri-La Vancouver Opening Gala

Malcolm Parry took this photo atop the penthouse of the Shangri-La at the opening gala of the new Shangri-La in Vancouver and suggested that I tag it " A new squeeze for my old squeeze". (No, we have not become a couple again. We are each technically 'available'! I widowed once; and divorced once. He's never been married! He's the ultimate James Bond! Vancouver version)

In fact, its been a few years since I have seen Ken Wai, the founder of Lumière and backer of celebrity chef Rob Feenie so fun that the gala gave 太太 the opportunity to see ol' friends like 太太 Carlotta Lee, Stephanie Dong and Judy Cheng. The new Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver is stunning and kudos to developers Ian Gillespie and Ben Yeung for putting together a spectacular development and raising the bar in the city.

A couple of months ago 太太 had dinner scheduled at the Lobster Bar at the Shangri-La in Hong Kong and now to be able to savour the Black Truffles pizza at Jean-George's Market at the new Shangri-La in Vancouver is divine. When media mogul Moses Znaimner was in town recently, 太太 walked him through the new hotel in Vancouver and he was suitably impressed. There is going to be a Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto which is presently under construction.

By the way, the penthouse where this photo was taken is for sale so if you have a spare $5 million (Cdn), please contact me.

That's it for now. Next month I'll be in San Francisco and the following month in Barbados. More to come...

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